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Precious Logistics Network always welcomes you to join us and to make it quick we made it very simple. To join us please fill in the registration form available on our website, to register please click here.

Joining Precious Logistics Network is easy and reliable as for the first year of us i.e., from 1 Oct 2022 to 30 Oct 2023, we kept it free that means you don’t have to pay any Membership fee and Trust fund for this year.

Precious Logistics Network brings you top local and regional freight forwarders from markets all over the world in a group that provides shippers and exporters with better value and logistics power. Our members have full-fledged services who can serve you with proper services keeping professionalism parallel to it.

Members will also have the opportunity to do DDU/ DDP or DAP (Delivery at your place) shipments among yourselves within the protection of Trust fund.

We understand how important costing is involved in this competitive world where every firm’s major concentration will be on managing costs, that’s the reason here we made sure that costing involved when joining us should not be expensive and it should be quite easy to be done, that made us keep the Membership fee of USD 1300.00 and Trust Fund fee of USD 500.

1 Membership fee USD 1300.00
2 Trust fund fee USD 500.00
3 Membership fee (Branch office) USD 650.00

Membership Fee

Membership fee is a fee which we collect from Members towards their Membership to our Network, Membership fee is USD 1300.00. These charges are to cover our administrative costs.

Membership fee for Branch office will be charged for members who’re having their branch office outside country of head office. If your branch office is located in different country of head office then only membership fee for branch office is applicable and branch office within the same country to head office will not be charged any Membership fee for branch office.

Bank Charges

Bank charges are to cover the costs of foreign bank charges being made by bank when you pay/ transfer funds towards Membership fee, Trust fund fee. We shall be billing you towards Bank Charges every time we Invoice and members has to pay towards it.


Trust Fund

Trust Fund is a term in PLN which is made to highlight the term “Safety” for members shipments transactions, we collect USD 500.00 towards Trust fund from Members after free membership time i.e., after Oct 2022 to Nov 2023 to safeguard their Shipments Transactions and make them feel easy while doing business among members.

Please note that in years 2022-23 since we’re not collecting any trust fund from any of our member as we’re into free membership period we will not be able to cover any liabilities against any business transactions.

We Collect Trust Fund from each Member and save that money with us for any liability (In case). That means If any liability occurs in any Transaction of any Member, then that liability will be covered from this trust fund balance.

Although you are part of another network, still you can always explore the possibilities of joining Precious Logistics Network and do business with a new set of entrepreneurs in the logistics service provider industry.

Besides very reasonable Membership fee and amazing security with Trust Fund we also have one more fascinating thing that will help you grow your business by meeting and knowing more people and that is 1 Annual Conference every year.

We will be conducting one Annual Conference every year that will help all our Members to come closer and talk about business to get to know each other which will help spread business among Members.